Hi! its great that your’re interested to become a supervisor. Apply here today!

Minimum requirements for CM:

-Join the channel for at least 1 month

-Be in the @enewssgchat Group for at least a month.

-Be online and use telegram frequently.

For other items, please get in contact with our MD for more.

Roles and status:

No.Role NameAboutApplication Status
1MD- Managing DirectorThe Managing Director Manages the whole company.Cross Mark Button on Facebook 4.0Not Open to the public
2PRA- Peoples Relation AdvisorHe manages Social Media, and helps with relations.Cross Mark Button on Facebook 4.0Closed
3AW- Assistant WebmasterHelps publish posts, and makes the website better.Cross Mark Button on Facebook 4.0 Closed
4CM- Channel ModeratorModerate the in-channel chats for any NSFW or illegal content.Cross Mark Button on Facebook 4.0Closed