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Black box found for SJ 182.

Authorities will attempt to retrieve it tonight, if conditions allow.

Indonesias top military officer precise location” has also been determined – at a depth of 23m – not far from where it disappeared from Air Traffic Control radar screens.

The black box, which records audio from the cockpit, and is water and fireproof, will give investigators more information on the crash.


On Jan 9th, Indonesian Aircraft SJ 182 by Sriwijaya air had disappeared from ATC radar screens, just 4 minutes after take off.

The airline, Sriwijaya air, has maintained a steady record, with only one accident in history.

The aircraft had 62 people on board, including 12 crew members and 50 passengers, with infants and children incuded.

All passengers were from Indonesia.

The plane lost 3000 ft in a minute, according to reliable flight tracking site Flightradar24.

Several witnesses living on an island near where the plane disappeared described hearing explosions, while others believed they had found objects that were from the plane.

According to flight registration details, the aircraft is just over 25 years old, and is a new version of the 737 Max, from Boeing.

The airline, flys to destinations in Indonesia, Timor Leste, China and Malaysia.

Those who we’ve spoken to who have taken the airline had said that it was ‘one of the better’ budget airlines in indonesia.


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