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MOH investigating 13 imported Covid-19 cases who had served stay-home notices at Mandarin Orchard Singapore, after genetic similarities were found between the cases.

All guests booked to the hotel will be moved to another facility. The hotel will stop accepting new guests with immediate effect.

The hotel will also check exisiting guests for connections.

The 13 imported cases, confirmed between Nov 2 and Nov 19, were observed to have high genetic similarity despite the cases having arrived from different countries, including Bahrain, Canada and Indonesia, said MOH. Findings from the labatory show that they were likely infected from a similar source.

Deep cleaning and disinfection will be carried out by the hotel, in consultation with MOH and the National Environment Agency. Testing of about 500 staff has already started.

Guests who have stayed at Mandarin Orchard Singapore between Nov 11 and Dec 19 are advised to monitor their health closely for 14 days from their last date of stay, it added.

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