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Introducing, Our new site.

Tap here to see whats new!

Today, we just announced our brand new site! Thanks for checking us out!

We’ve got a number of new features in our site, and they’re all here! Use the story below to start and see what new features we have for you! If not, simply read below.

1) Dark Mode

Dark Mode is here on the E-News site! Just tap the button that looks like this on the bottom left of the website:

And dark mode comes on!

You can also enable dark mode by switching the system dark mode on Android, iOS and MacOS. Try it out!

See dark mode in action:

Dark Mode (Left) and Light mode (right)

2) Stories

We now utilise AMP Stories to bring you a better experience in the site! Try a sample story below!

Stories are just like Instagram ones, but right here on our website.

If you ever want to see all the stories we have ever made, you can head over to this link to see all the archives.

3) The Theme

We’re now using the best news theme of all time, Newspaper 9!

Newspaper 9 has an overall better UI, and makes our site look less like a blog, and more like a news site.

4) A faster site!

We now utlilise dreamhost, to make our site faster. Dreamhost is WordPress reccomended, and has been trusted for 20+ years. Enjoy a faster site with Premium hosting!

Thats all the main updates! We’ve also made little improvements in the site, so do check them out and enjoy!



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